White Noise

Since being founded in March 2018 in Jungmin Cho’s studio in Seoul, White Noise has developed as a vibrant venue organizing and hosting experimental art events both domestically and internationally, regardless of field or genre. Rather than pursuing a certain fixed identity, White Noise aims for flexibility by freely changing in accordance with its participating artists. The ultimate goal is to provide an open forum for mutually beneficial exchange and coexistence. To this end, White Noise has conducted an array of diverse events – ranging from exhibitions and performances to studies, screenings, and DJ parties – thus resisting the stagnant identity of a single space. Continually searching for new ways to maximize the creative autonomy of artists within a commercial context, the “White Noise Box” program was launched in November 2019, enabling members to receive a secret box from White Noise every two months.

Founded by: Jungmin Cho
Current Director: Jungmin Cho
Participating Artists: Dans ta chambre & Joohye Moon, Leevisa & Sunmean Lee, Soohyun Ryu & Heejin Jo, Sue Park & 2905
Participating Curator: Jungmin Cho

Courtesy of Jungmin Cho and WHITE NOISE