Tastehouse is ‘a place that introduces art.’ The place talks about art in a variety of ways. One of them is ‘selling and buying.’ The process of trading is quite familiar to us; however, it gets a little strange when the word is attached to ‘art.’ Sometimes it even seems like a fantasy that is far from our life. We experience diverse processes of distribution and consumption in our lives. The process can be seen as a step to create a unique taste with a variety of experiences. The taste that many people understand and enjoy is easily shared and distributed. However, Tastehouse focuses on the beauty that is not recognized by the majority of people. It intends to introduce and talk about ‘art,’ the technique that deals with a bit of unfamiliar beauty in a very familiar way, such as selling-buying and supply-consumption. Perhaps the thing you chose today may seem like an attractive industrial product or could be the result of an artist’s endeavor. Maybe this process can be a starting point to expand our tastes and hobbies?

Founded by: Kwon Soonwoo, Kim Donghee, Don Sunpil, and Park Hyunjung
Director: Kwon Soonwoo
Participating Artists: Eve Kwak, Osang Gwon, Kyoungtae Kim, Dawhan Ghim, Kim Dong-Hee, Gim Jeongtae, Juwon Kim, Kim Hansaem, Kimhyewon, Noh Sangho, Don Sunpil, Moon Kyeong-Eui, Min Guhong, Gwangsoo Park, Park Daham, Park Hyunjung, So Min Kyung, Song Min Jung, Sonjooyoung, Shall We Dance, Shin Shin, An Chorong, Ahyoung Yang, Jieun Yang, Yeanjin Oh, Yoo Jungmin, Yoon Hyangro, Snakepool, Rhee Donghoon, Eusung Lee, Lee Yunho, Eunsae Lee, Jang Jongwan, Jackson Hong, Saemi Jeon, Geumhyung Jeong, Chung Seoyoung, Eugene Jung, Cha Sla, Choi Goeun, Joowon Choi, Chu Mirim, Filed, Hur Yeonhwa, Hosangun, Hong Seung-Hye
Participating Curator: : Kwon Soonwoo, Kim Donghee, Don Sunpil, and Park Hyunjung

Tastehouse’s signboard
Design by Shin Shin
Courtesy of Tastehouse