Space One

Space One started with two artists, a designer, and an abandoned common space in an abandoned market in Haebangchon (direct translation: liberation village), Seoul. With its first exhibition Space by InYoung Yeo in 2014, it continued independently, organizing exhibitions, rooftop film screenings, and other events, inviting other artists around. In its second year, Space One was reinvented with the focus of supporting diversity, independence, and international collaboration in the arts. Additionally, site-specificity became an important element for Space One as the space, the market, the neighborhood, and the city from small to large held layers of history and stories of people within the old walls and structures of Space One. The name, Space ‘1’ or ‘one’ reimagines the ‘I’ in its continuous search to reinvent the ‘I’ in relation to ‘others’ as one, focusing on the coexistence and cyclical patterns of various structures of logic and narratives. With this core idea, Space One has continued and expanded its discourses in three main topics: urbanization, technology, and gender in diverse and inclusive formats with experts from multiple disciplines that include multi-venue exhibitions, lectures, talks, workshops, performances, and screenings in collaboration with other organizations, institutions, art spaces, and many more from Korea and abroad.

Founded by: InYoung Yeo
Current Director: InYoung Yeo
Participating Curators: InYoung Yeo, Sanghee Choi

Space One entrance
Courtesy of Space One
Photograph by Sanghee Choi