Space Illi

In 2017, artist and curator Hwang Su kyung established space illi as a new art space in Seochon, a neighborhood near Gyeongbokgung Palace in the heart of Seoul. In January 2019, Hwang was joined by Koo Yoonji, and the two women artists have been running the gallery since then. In June 2019, space illi moved to Gugi-dong, where Hwang and Koo, along with curator Kim Seyeon, have organized a number of exhibitions contemplating different aspects of contemporary visual art. The new location in Gugi-dong boasts a more natural environment, with a lovely stream running in front and the majestic Mt. Bukhan in the background. Taking advantage of this setting, space illi has focused on presenting artworks that resonate with the fundamental values of nature and harmonize with the diverse elements of the landscape. With every exhibition, space illi seeks to widen the sphere of art to encompass the surrounding space, thus revealing the infinite possibilities that can emerge when the artist’s creative energy is integrated into the immediate environment.

Founded by: Hwang Su kyung
Current Directors: Hwang Su kyung and Koo Yoonji
Participating Artists: Yoon Gyeol, Hong Lee Hyun-sook, Hwang Su kyung, and Taehee Whang
Participating Curators: Koo Yoonji, Kim Seyeon, and Hwang Su kyung

Gugi-dong space:illi exterior
Courtesy of space:illi