Post Territory Ujeongguk

Post Territory Ujeongguk is a multi-cultural space located inside the former post office of Changjeon-dong, which was created through a long-term project conducted by the Linear Collective. Since its opening ceremony on June 24, 2015, this project has been pursuing its mission to provide a fully functional and sustainable public platform for art and culture. The name “Post Territory Ujeongguk,” which was chosen by SeonHyoung Kim of the Linear Collective, combines “ujeongguk” (the Korean word for “post office”) with the English word “post” from “post office,” which can also be a prefix meaning “after” (as in “post-modern”). Hence, this name signals the organization’s goal to break free from and move beyond the conventions of artistic fields and genres. Focusing first and foremost on communication and exchange, Post Territory Ujeongguk was established as a venue for socially minded projects and events (e.g., exhibitions, performances, workshops, screenings, lectures, discussions) integrating disparate elements of art and culture, including design, experimental art, traditional art, media art, and feminism. In this era of diversity, Post Territory Ujeongguk is deeply committed to connecting and experimenting with material platforms and productions, with the ultimate goal of proposing new meanings, values, and visions for art and culture. Post Territory Ujeongguk has two floors: the first floor previously served as the retail area of the post office, while the second floor contained residences for postal workers . Today, the first floor hosts exhibitions, performances, screenings, and other activities, while the second floor is used for small projects, exhibitions, and workshops for artists of various fields.

Founded by: SeonHyoung Kim and two other colleagues
Current Director: SeonHyoung Kim
Participating Artist: Kang Woohyeok
Participating Curator: Moon Yujin

Post Territory Ujeongguk view
Courtesy of Post Territory Ujeongguk
Photograph by Shin Byeong-gon