As a non-profit cultural space operated by various art professionals and creators, Hapjungjigu conducts an array of artistic, cultural, and educational activities, including exhibitions, classes, and publications. By fostering close collaborations and meaningful encounters between diverse individuals, Hapjungjigu pursues its ultimate goal of helping people weave their independent lives into the local community and the entire city of Seoul. After opening in February 2015, Hapjungjigu initially focused on providing exhibition space to gifted painters who were struggling to find a proper venue for their works. Steadily expanding its vision, Hapjungjigu began providing opportunities for interactions between artists, critics, and curators of different ages and various media, who are linked as residents of this rapidly changing city. In addition to hosting seven to ten exhibitions per year in its galleries (on both underground and above-ground floors), Hapjungjigu also organizes a wide range of lectures, seminars, workshops, and artist conversations. Attracting community members from diverse walks of life who share a mutual interest in art and culture, these programs generate a strong solidarity and trust that has become Hapjungjigu’s most precious asset. Hapjungjigu is located in a small alley behind the main road from Hongdae to Hapjung, surrounded by small multi-household villas and commercial buildings that were built in the 1990s, and thus have not yet been encroached upon by the towering standardized urban complexes that dominate much of the city. This unique spatial quality makes for a very welcoming atmosphere, drawing not only art professionals, but also neighbors and pedestrians who happen to pass by, thus enabling more fruitful and fortuitous exchanges.

Founded by: Leeje
Current Director: Leeje
Participating Artist: Jun Hyerim
Participating Curator: Hapjungjigu

Hapjungjigu facade
Courtesy of Hapjungjigu