The exhibition space d/p—which stands for “discrete paradise”—opened in 2018 on the fourth floor of Nagwon Musical Instrument Arcade in Jongno 3-ga. Offering a platform and support for independent curators, d/p annually operates the “d/p curator support program,” an open call in which three or four independent curatorial teams are chosen to organize their own exhibitions with d/p. The program also includes the “Streaming Exhibition,” which explores the contemporaneity of the exhibitions. The exhibition space of d/p is a shared center with a wide range of facilities, allowing curators, artists, and critics to present seminars, studies, or workshops related to other exhibitions, as well as their own research exhibitions. Like stars that can shine individually or as part of a constellation, d/p provides opportunities for creative minds to gather or scatter, enacting new types of paradise. In 2020, d/p will be exploring the theme of “disappearance.”

Founded by: Jiyon Kim (director) and Minji Lee (curator)
Current Director: Jiyon Kim
Participating Artist: Yunjung Lee
Participating Curators: Jiyon Kim and Minji Lee

d/p exterior view
Courtesy of d/p