BOAN1942 has always been a shelter for travelers and vagabonds since 1942. Also, this place was the creative base of modern Korean literature favored by the writers including Seo Jeong-ju and Kim Dong-ni. BOAN1942, which opened in 2007, is a cultural art space that inherits the placeness and cultural heritage of the inn, creating contemporary values that are still valid today. From 2017, with a new building next to the old inn, and its space was expanded into the art and culture complex, including exhibition space ART SPACE BOAN, BOAN STAY for culture creators, 33 MARKET Café, BOAN CLUB for performances and screenings, and BOAN BOOKS

Founded by Sungwoo Choi
Director: Sungwoo Choi
Participating Artists: Sungsil Ryu, Choi Haneyl
Participating Curator: Goeun Song

Boan1942 entrance
Courtesy of Boan1942