Audio Visual Pavilion

As an exhibition hall and research center for Korean and Asian contemporary art, Audio Visual Pavilion (AVP) aims to find, record, and create reality that exists within and outside of our visual and audio culture. AVP was founded in 2013 by curator Seewon Hyun and editor Inyong An, staff members of Walking Magazine, an independent magazine that launched in 2006. Starting in 2020, Seewon Hyun began running the space with Jihyun Shin, another independent curator, along with various other collaborators. Through AVP, they create “what they wish to see,” cultivating a visual culture in which the creative ideas of the artists and curators can be freely realized. The question that AVP asks is, what types of situations can we create for experiencing art within today’s art institutions? Here, art refers not only to paintings, but also to music, performances, films, literature, and other forms of art that are manifested through time and space. AVP is dedicated to pursuing unconventional activities, however small they may seem, that go beyond the typical functions of an art space (i.e., displays, installations, sales, collections, and support). Another mission of AVP is to collect stories, such as texts, dialogues, papers, etc. For the two directors of AVP, collecting stories means rearranging and reinterpreting events and situations that take place in art, or more broadly, in reality. To this end, AVP regularly publishes a wide range of texts. The four-page “AVP Documents” is printed every two weeks and archived on AVP’s website. AVP also publishes books, including a compilation of AVP Documents, as well as “AVP Book,” which details various art projects and exhibitions. (2020 version).

Founded by: Seewon Hyun and Inyong An
Current Director: Seewon Hyun
Participating Artists: MeeNa Park, Kyusun Shim, Sasa[44], Sunho Park, Geumhyung Jeong, and Jiyoung Yoon
Participating Curator: Seewon Hyun

The First Exhibition in AVP No Mountain High Enough (2013.11.28-2014.1.25)
Courtesy of AVP.